Missing is a feeling that connotes
So many things;

Anxiety tinged emotions bound
Quite tightly by life’s strings

Or maybe just a tiny miss, when
Someone’s gone to store

Knowing that they’ll be right back,
A quick and easy chore.

There’s missing friends and family,
Who live not where we are,

But still exist to visit when we travel
Near or far.

Our phones connect realities,
Making distance seem quite small.

The missing feeling shrinks a bit
Each time we make a call.

And what of those quite close to
Us, when going on a trip,

Will there be a safe return to
Banish Worries grip?

Each time alone brings doubts – and
Fears, a questioning of fate

Brooding as darkness clouds our
Minds, when homecoming is late.

A common type of missing is
Appointments, work or school,

Our minds lose track of time, no
Doubt, and play us for a fool.

Just little misses here and there to
Ruffle orderly feathers.

Perhaps, because we just slept in,
Or dealt with awful weathers.

There is missing for forever, gone
For good, we know you’ve died.

Memories laced with sorrow, damp
With tears that we have cried.

Photos tracing moments of the
Times in life we shared.

Frozen for eternity as proof we
Loved and cared.

But missing when together is the
Saddest missing of all,

Love, whose candle once burned
Bright, now a glimmer in life’s hall.

Shared memories that once
Brought warmth, now missed, a sense of loss.

They form the nails which fasten us
Upon our life made cross.

The sweep hand of celestial clock
Keeps up a relentless pace,

The moments that we all have
Missed now hide beneath its’ face.

We should not seek to punish souls
For what in time was missed,

But cherish thoughts of happiness
With which our minds were kissed.

James Geehring

I am an observational poet, fascinated with the wonders of life. I have worked many years with my hands and now hope the work of my mind pleases


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