I Bequeath

Stars shine the brightest,
Now all have lost their glow!
Honey tastes the sweetest,
Now even a drop gives me a bitter blow!

Once I preferred the company of extravagant beauties,
All I now see is a heavy dosage of vanity!
Glamour, Splendor, Lavishness,
All these things gave me pleasure as I grew,
Now purely makes me want to throw!

An excellent chatter always put my mind at ease
Now solitude is my peace
Thou are the reason my young lass!

Since from the first time,
From the first glance,
I realised I was living a lie
Not all the comforts in this world can please me
The way you did with that one look!

I am a man of my word, mi amore
I shan’t stop until death devours
Herculean task may it be,
Yet it shall be easily overcome by me!

You may have only soared in your dreams
Trust me, I can make you soar till you gleam!
A game of love can be played in any square,
Mine is going to be fair and square!
Hold on my love for the time draws near,
For you can happily kiss away all your fears!

For I bequeath my heart to you
Please accept it and make my wish come true!


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