Gunpowder in an hourglass

Looking back in memory, a moment quite sublime,

I found within an hourglass, that was meant to mark my time.

The top half seemed quite brimming with time’s golden glowing grains,

A sea without horizon, churned below my endless plains.

But as I glanced around my glass I started to discern,

Other glasses set about, no matter where I’d turn.

Each one held a single life atop their grainy piles,

While at its’ waist, the hourglass, kept counting off mind’s miles.

I saw how small the sands of some, while others towered high,

And realized I’d never know, when my time would come nigh.

Turning to a flash of light, the sound of shattered glass,

Amongst the shards and grains of sand, another life did pass.

Because my hourglass seemed full, I had not given thought,

To cherish every grain within, a lesson just now taught.

Like gunpowder, instead of sand, our time in little mounds,

A careless spark from destiny, releasing death’s dark hounds.

I see the sands within my glass, receding from the walls,

And wish to keep exploring, my life-house last few halls.

A timely look at what has been, was living life well-paced?

No answers from the hourglass, as we slip below its’ waist.

James Geehring

I am an observational poet, fascinated with the wonders of life. I have worked many years with my hands and now hope the work of my mind pleases


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