Grew up but never too old

Grew up but never too old
Through most needed times,
Through all pleasant moments,
Hands shall we forever hold
Nowhere else shall such friendship be seen?
For more than just “best friends” are what we mean.

Ferocious shall be the storm of obstacles,
Since two years it has been.
Miracles are what could bring us back together,
Yet fate is what keeps that to the further.

“Count on Me” is that lullaby,
In which deep down our memories could run by.

Grew up but never too old
Right there, and you I hold
At all difficult times, Stay strong have you told
Just smart, just bold
And what more do you want?

Humath Cassim

Hey there! Name's Humaith. Currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. A 22 year old student of Human Resource Management with a passion for poetry, reading and writing.


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