Good Girl, Bad Girl by Michael Robotham

Good Girl, Bad Girl by Michael Robotham is an absorbing, character driven mystery that features a  multifaceted storyline.

Forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven is assisting with an upcoming court case to see if Evie Cormac is ready to transition to living on her own. The young woman’s history is shrouded with mystery and she refuses to tell anyone the truth about her age or identity. Evie has been living in secure children’s home and she is ready to be declared an adult. However, Evie’s time in care has not be trouble free since she is self-destructive, aggressive, rude and prone to occasional violent outbursts. She lacks social skills and she is heartbreakingly naive due to her tragic past. Cyrus feels empathy for the young woman and he makes an impetuous decision to foster her until she turns eighteen.  Will Cyrus help Evie heal from the heart-rending trauma she refuses to discuss?

Cyrus also works part-time with the police and he is currently assisting his friend and mentor DCI Lenore “Lenny” Parvel  with her current case. She is investigating the murder of fifteen year old figure skating prodigy Jodie Sheehan.  While Lenny quickly zeroes in a suspect, Cyrus has serious reservations about whether she has arrested the wrong man. He continues to look deeper into Jodie’s background and he uncovers some very intriguing and worrisome information. Will what Cyrus has unearthed lead to the truth about what happened to the teenager?

Good Girl, Bad Girl is a suspenseful mystery with an enthralling plot and fascinating characters. Evie is a well-drawn young woman whose short life has been marred by horrific trauma. Cyrus is a flawed yet extremely likable psychologist who has also endured shocking loss and heartache. The investigation into Jodie’s murder culminates with a dark and disconcerting breakthrough. With stunning revelations,  Michael Robotham brings this scintillating mystery to a pulse-pounding, dramatic conclusion.  With Evie’s aspect of the storyline not completely wrapped up, readers will be hopeful both she and Cyrus will star in future novels.

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