A World Away

Another night scratching my head as I reach for a pencil. Another night spent torturing words in the mind’s muddied trenches, proving that yes you can press money from guile and oil from stone – If you’d just continue squeezing please . . .  …


Forever Young

My heart is forever young  A divine hymn to be sung I love everyone and always forgive As twice as I take, I always give I try to be nice as possible as I can Of peace and love I am a great fan Life…


Unapologetically Me

She frowned into the mirror in frustration as a strand of hair kept falling off the sides of her hijab, The rest of her family contemplating on how she would find it easier, only if she was wearing a niqab. She hid herself behind the…



I know how it feels when no one wants you –they won’t leave you alone. They won’t leave you alone. Their downcast eyes look through me. Their reluctance to talk to me engages. The telephone won’t stop not ringing. Their e-mails, which never arrive, backlog,…


Black Hole

She was created the day two stars collided.   Her kiss was black and beautiful. She used to say, love was like smoke and fire which filled her lungs, deadly yet meaningless.   In the moment of his death, he looked into her golden eyes….



In my house there is a girl impersonating my sister. She speaks like my sister, breathes like my sister, her body is in the languid shape of my sister. But she is not her.   At night I see her body change shape, morphing into…



Simplicity, That is what’s calling me Nature’s longevity Watching so stealthily.   Simplicity, That is who calls to me. Minimal tendencies Saving serenity.   Simplicity, Silent sweet reverie Blending eternities, Losing all gravity.   Simplicity, Wholesomeness remedy.

Feelings, Poetry

An Apology to Myself

To the girl who smiles on the Metro,   In the process of trying to love him, Being blinded by idealisations and delusions, Perfect confusion, Mixed signals, That existed only in my mind, That wasn’t really there at all, I forgot to love you.  …