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Beyond The Pinnacle

From years of seeing

       You waste,


       In wasting time

    You’re still welcome home.

       Dash away the selfishness and screen,

       For all but desire

       Which isn’t being quenched.

   We offer love

       And truth,

   And try our best to help

       You and ourselves,

       But sometimes

           The best of the best

           Cannot pull someone out

           of Their own trouble.

   It takes courage from within,

       Strong spirit and

       Emotional ambition

       To climb the terrace and steep cliffs of

           Soulful achievements.

       I suppose you’re afraid of heights.

           You know you can do it,

           But after watching the others do it;

     That once they reach the top

               They keep climbing,

                       And you haven’t overcome

                       The fear of great heights.

Marcus Severns
Marcus Severns
Articles: 491

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