I hear the casket close,
Shut tight for one last time
For my face to be forgotten
Or to remain within someone.

I hear the footsteps approaching
Like gravel sand sliming through heals
High as I go in the blinding dark alley
Swaying my cold dead body in awe.

The weeping and snuffle hasn’t stopped
The mumbles fade down as I go
Struck within me to my disappointment
I wouldn’t know who spared the shoulders.

Far it has been, they way isn’t loyal
The steep and hills I could tell
There’s no more watch out for steps
Swaying my cold dead body in awe.

Unusual sweat roll down my forehead
The white glove wouldn’t help me wipe
Do not throw me in to that burning lot
I am already in ashes from what’s left.

This is my vow at my very own funeral
The prayers haven’t been answered
To the people I love and to those
Which I am committed.

“Do not leave me for the bad man I am.
Do not push me in to that wildfire.
Since I am lost in your abyss,
Do not leave me for the bad man I am”

Feroz Mohamed

Feroz is an ardent reader who decided to write. Holds an associate in psychology on the side.


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