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A Fear Called Love

The thing that scares me about love is that you never know when you’ll fall into it. Your hearts gets attached immediately, but love, darn it, love is different. You fall into it ever so deeply and the person you love gradually becomes a part of you, all at the blink of an eye, in a second of a heartbeat. A stranger could be the one to invade your heart and turn into your world, or your world could end up becoming stranded. 

Love is scary, cause you could convince yourself that you’ll live this world alone forever and that you are all that you need, until someone crosses your path and you are no longer familiar with the idea of living it the way you hoped. You no longer know what it feels like to walk the roads you’ve walked down eversine, without that someone. 

It scares me, this feeling called love. How long does it last? Is it forever, or is it temporary? If it is forever, would someone ever fall for you the same way you fall for them? Or will we remain aside, fearful of what would happen and so risking the chance of losing someone precious forever? 

How do you know it’s love and not just attraction? How do you know whether the one you’re letting go of is the one, or that the one you’re holding on to is not? So many questions and yet love remains as a beautiful feeling that many can endure but only some are blessed to hold.


F. Zahra Yoonus

This interview was conducted on behalf of Merak Magazine.
Merak Administrator
This interview was conducted on behalf of Merak Magazine.

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