A fairytale.

“…your soul was so soft
before she came into your life
before she ripped your heart into pieces
before you fell for her heart
and then she left
your soul was so soft
before it became cold hearted
weak and pained
and the hardest thing to see
if you ask me
is a soft heart not being soft anymore
and I want to caress yours
and bring it back into its own state
but I’m afraid I’ll break my own heart trying to heal yours…”

“The truth is true love will always remain
but sometimes
amidst the haze of love
you build tiresome hearts
by making people ache
and ache for affection
and you eventually destroy what would have been the truest and purest form of love…”

“…you were a beautiful book
before she opened you
before she entered your world
I would be lying if I told you that
it was all left unnoticed
because we saw
we saw how she picked you up
condemned to change your story
to change what was written for you
simply by turning over the pages
but trust me
I saw the jagged edges of the cover
I saw the creases upon the pages
I saw the page where she stopped reading
stopped imagining
and left you
that’s why I tell you that
I would be lying if I told you I never noticed what she did to you.”


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