A Deep Wail

Have you got no feelings,Have you got no heart?
Don’t you understand how it is to be torn apart?
From our own bodies and from our loved ones
We wish you could clearly see how our blood runs

We are humans just like you
Created by the same God too
We have desires, We have goals
Don’t you pity our innocent souls?

A home we could really call a ‘home’
Where in it’s land we could freely roam
But now, it doesn’t feel the same
Although we don’t deserve the blame

Our days just pass with hope
Even though it’s hard to cope
Our nights are truly sleepless
As our situation is grievous

Our voices need to be heard
Emphasising on every word
All we crave for is peace
And all quarrels to cease

Stand up before it’s too late
We people need to collaborate
We are one, one community
And this is one good opportunity

To help and pray
For a better day
To gain our sanity
And unite humanity…


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