A Change of Pace

It was the guy coming
the other way this time
that looked
down toward the ground…
then slowly
raised his head and
met my eyes.
We both gave each other
a head nod…
An acknowledgement
of daily loss.
Nothing needed to
be said…
Words would have
been so cheap during this
fifteen second meeting.
This might have been
a simple act…just
a token hello…
But we both knew
it wasn’t.
The tally adds
up when
You try to look
Fix your coat and
submerge the inner
sadness that is a
given when you
dare walk out the door.
I turned around to say
something—he was adjusting
his hat, shrugging his shoulders,
never looked back.
Kept walking away in his
own world of self-keeping.
You think, sometimes
that this world is heading
in only one direction…
One goal.
One worship
of want.
Both of us understood
in that moment,
We were on our own.
To view what this lifetime
really means.

Dan Provost

Dan Provost's poetry has been published widely throughout the small press for a number of years. He has two new books coming out; Rattle of a Realizer by Whiskey City Press and Under the Influence of Nothingness from Kung Fu Treachery Press. He lives in Berlin, New Hampshire with his wife Laura.


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