Wings against the wall.

They said ‘your voice shouldn’t be heard’,
‘We need a woman without sound’,
Then I asked my god,
‘O lord, do I count?’
And He answered me in short;
‘Raise your voice and shout’.

They said ‘we need a perfect doll’,
Walking and stopping when we want
But I am a total tweety bird
So I whispered: ‘no, I cannot’.

They said ‘the good girl knows how to close her mouth’;
She always pretends to ignore seeing revolutions in the north
or in the south,
The good girl should crawl,
She must hide the bright side of her soul.
Good girl hasn’t any right
to even fight for her vote.

The good girl couldn’t contemplate the faint light
in mid of the road,
They said we need a plastic woman
but I act like a real one,
So they cried ” be shy “
but I insisted to fly.

Amirah Al Wassif

Amirah Al Wassif is a freelance writer(28) years old,from egypt She has written articles, novels, short stories poems and songs. Five of her books were written in Arabic and many of her English works have been published in various cultural magazines. Amirah is passionate about producing literary works for children, teens and adults which represent cultures from around the world. Her first book, was published in 2014 and her latest illustrated book, The Cocoa Book and Other Stories is forthcoming.


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