Trembling towards the Sun


How much distance and difference is there
Between a mountain and a molehill?

And how far are you determined to climb
To insure your problems amount to blessings in the end?

How tenacious is your will to peace?
How deep is your reservoir of faith?

When you weep with me
Do so not out of sorrow
But exultation
And know that even in our suffering

There shines a light of salvation.
How many skeletons are there living in your closet

That rattle bones when you can’t sleep at night?
And how tired are the dragons that guard the secrets

Hiding in the shadows that haunt your soul?
How dedicated is your tongue to truth?

How strong is your resolve in the fire?
When you dance with me
Do so not in half steps
But full measure

And know that every movement
Guides us closer to the stars.

How many millstones hang around your neck
As you drag your cross from earth to sea to sky?

And how many psalms do you recite in darkness
As a prayer for healing to arrive with dawn?

How inspired is your passion?
How embedded is your urge to ascend?

When you sing with me
Do so not in low key
But high spirits
And know that this language of lyrics
Is born of revival.

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