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The Final Entry

The Final Entry

I have been here before. Why is everything so familiar? 

As I turned the pages of the book and the story unfolded, I said to myself, “I know how this goes, I have read this earlier”

When I met you for the first time, “Oh! There you are! So this is when you enter my life.” 

The times I believed every sweet word of yours and fought for you against my discernment and intuition.

I remember day I stood all alone, staring into nothingness, “ Yes, I understand, you had to go ”.

When fate brought something after winding twists and turns, I remarked, “You could have taken the far straighter route “. “No”, it said, “there were other lives I had to touch on my way”.  “But, why do you prove me wrong everytime?”  “You know this too well, why do you say it wrong?”

The day I stepped out to a new land, it sent a gentle breeze to caress  me, I heard it say, “Welcome back”.

And one fine day, I felt this weird pain inside, “Ouch, has it started?”

My final days, when the pain in the eyes of the loved ones was more unbearable than my own, along with the slow drifting into another realm, how I wished my pages would end soon.

In no time, I recognised the white shroud which served as an epilogue. I relaxed, my book was finally done. 

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When the little ones I carried on my shoulders became strong enough to carry me to my grave on theirs.

And I entered a darkness that lasted a few moments.

I grabbed a twig to write these words on the walls of my den…

“All my life, there were no surprises, only recollections.

Under the layers, believe me, it is not dark in here. Rather, it’s a beautiful world, at least for a few. “

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