Adeline gently opened the door. Gentleness was what Adeline was all about, but the door needed a gentle touch unless you wanted it to fall apart. The door was old and so was Adeline. 
‘Trinnnggg’ The door bell rang again. This time louder and with great urgency. Everyone was always in a hurry to get in and out of the building Adeline thought. But she had to be well presented so, she fixed her thin brown hair and opened the door. Adeline gazed down and smiled. All her attention was on the boy for, the building welcomed people like him. 
The boy was weak, both mentally and physically she felt. His blond hair was outgrown. And freckles covered his entire face.  The tall gentleman next to the boy walked into the long and dark corridor beyond the door. Adeline wiped the dust on the name plate of the building and followed. 
The name read ‘Degan’s Orphanage’ 
In the distant past Adeline had peeped into the main office eagerly watching the procedure. But now she had to do it all. 
Tea was served. The boy didn’t eat anything. 
Adeline could hear the clock ticking during their conversation. After everything was done she shut the old door. Only one of them returned. The boy beside her didn’t want to stay, he hadn’t chosen this life. But Adeline chose her’s. She had opened the door of the orphanage herself nearly 3 decade ago. It was a stormy night but she managed to make it to the orphanage unaccompanied. It was the only orphanage available for a few towns, away from civilisation. Adeline always thought it was safe from the monstrous world out there. 
‘Are you an orphan?’ the little fellow asked, tears rolling down his cheeks.
‘Yes, I am’ Adeline lied. 
This gave her comfort.


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