I Will Stop Loving You

  When the sun doesn’t shine And dreams are no longer mine When hopes run out And volcanoes no longer shout When all the oceans become dry And you count all the stars in the sky When all the trees’ leaves wither And the earth…



  Fog horns sound though air soaked in blackness. All evening long listening to hiss of trucks, cars.   Shadows brush across walls as trees trace their branches. Gathering and waving together then swaying apart.   While I sleep, stars glide through heaven making their…


Winter Warriors

I have examined the night sky. Seen appear the moon, stars, and meteors. During winter’s freeze, Orion, lost in Crete, stands tall, his belt tight, against his waist, hosting the seven sisters , glowing, – Pleiades, bright. And to the North we view Perseus, holding…


The Fire

  In the cooling air of the lingering dusk, the flames from the fire-pit clawed higher The steps to the wood-rack, heavy and slow, retrieving more fuel for the pyre Each log, as it’s placed, sends bright sparks in the air, chasing tendrils of wispy…


To My Brother In Heaven

Dear Brother, Some may say it is unwise of me to write a letter to you when you are somewhere this letter cannot reach, but there are things I want to tell you, show you and talk to you about. Life has never been an…


Black Hole

She was created the day two stars collided.   Her kiss was black and beautiful. She used to say, love was like smoke and fire which filled her lungs, deadly yet meaningless.   In the moment of his death, he looked into her golden eyes….



Like a geek, a fancy of being blacklisted  as they create the fluky of the flight as they target silos, higher heaven of eaves  how they catch sight of daystar  Ravens, the recent craze the role-model “Cageless”  among chicks    You do witchcraft of how…