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Joan McNerney


  Fog horns sound though air soaked in blackness. All evening long listening to hiss of trucks, cars.   Shadows brush across walls as trees

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Bruce McRae

A World Away

Another night scratching my head as I reach for a pencil. Another night spent torturing words in the mind’s muddied trenches, proving that yes you

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Jayanta Bhaumik


Like a geek, a fancy of being blacklisted  as they create the fluky of the flight as they target silos, higher heaven of eaves  how

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Raeesa Usmani


He wants to embrace the night; The dark, mysterious but mesmerizing sight.   The starry sky, Lonely moon, Stuck in his head As the lone

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Goodnight Suburbia

Buildings blacken like the sky,         And hovels their roots beneath         The earth, run like fingers to Ghana,         Street skirted by masts, narrowed

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