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Amtul Hajra


I’ve been to far off places, Not one of them were as queer as you. You’re like a strategy dug so deep, I sense sadness

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Humaith Cassim


We all ran the corridors together to make sure we were always ahead of the headmaster. If one did get caught, we all took the

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Walid Abdallah

Forever Young

My heart is forever young  A divine hymn to be sung I love everyone and always forgive As twice as I take, I always give

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Daniel Romo

Love Song #777

for Maria Your favourite colour is purple and mine is blue and how’s this for romanticism but combined they resemble the shade of a pretty

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Afshan Fatima

Maybe One Day

Maybe one day you’ll realise, How it was to see you leaving. In cloudy weather and shattered skies, I couldn’t feel myself wiping those damp

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Vishnu Priya

A Lost Lover

I have a lost lover, Who loved me with himself Now loves me with his illusionary presence I have a lost lover, Who  stared at

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Hassan Saajidh

Stains of Blood

Paint me with ignorance, Because I love that pain I get. I’m addicted to it as much, As I am addicted to you. You’re always

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Humaith Cassim

Lost in the Light

The windows never concealed the openness unless it was tinted, The thoughts never disappeared until it was painted. Painted with the love that was once

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