How do I Register?

You need a Merak account to perform any task here.

For tightened security, we have added a User Management System, where you need to be registered to submit art or comment and reply. Here's how to get yourself a Merak Account.

Getting a merak account

Head over to and fill out your details. A confirmation email will be sent to your preferred email address. Log in to your account through the login page

I forgot my password

it's common and it happens.

Forgetting a password is alright. Ensure you have access to the email that you initially registered with on Merak. Without this email, your account is good as gone.

Resetting your password

You can reset your password by heading over to the login page and finding the little link where it says 'Forgotten Password'. Clicking on the option will prompt you for the email address associated with the account. Password Reset instructions willbe emailed to you.

can i deactivate my account?

We understand your concern

You have the full authority to deactivate your Merak Account. However, we don't just deactivate your account. We ensure that all your contributions including comments are removed accordingly.

Request account closure

To request for account deletion, please send us an email from the registered email address to '' so that we take appropraite action on your request.

how do i submit my piece?

front-end submission

Submitting your art has been made easy with Merak's convenient front end submission feature. But remember, only registered users can submit art.

Submitting art

Once logged into your account, head over to the submission page and fill out the required field. Ensure title, featured image and content are properly filled in. Image file size cannot exceed 1MB. Hit Submit for Editor review.

i get an error during submission

Almost there

Submission page is delicate. To ensure security and safeguard our servers from malware and other attacks, we had to incorporate additional safety features, which may sometimes bother our users.

Double check

Common errors include, empty fields, large attachments, mismatched word-count, invalid file formats, links usage, spam, multiple submission of same piece. Ensure you follow the guidelines and await our editor response before resubmitting.

i want to report an issue with the website

Something went wrong

We work really hard to fix all sort of bugs on our platform. However, we might have missed one or two. If you encounter any error, it is always best to try switching web browsers and clearing your cache.

That didn't work?

If you think the error is on the website, you can always let us know and our technical team will look into it immediately. Please send us an email on '' detailing the error. It's best if you could add screenshot so it helps speed up the process.