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Mehreen Ahmed

Mehreen Ahmed

Mehreen Ahmed is an internationally acclaimed author. Her books, The Pacifist, is "Drunken Druid The Editors' Choice for June 2018", andJacaranda Blues,"The Best of Novels for 2017 - Family Novels of the Year" by Novel Writing Festival. Her flash fiction, "The Portrait" chosen to be broadcast by Immortal Works, Flash Fiction Friday, 2018. Bats Downunder, one of her short stories, selected by Cafelit editors for "The Best of CafeLit 8, 2019".

Turin Frog

The rain dripped; drip, drip, drip. The sound distracted me from watching a movie on TV, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, laying on the sofa, in my socked feet dangling over an arm rest. My partner and I, engaged in intermittent…

Blue Butterflies

The war ate the 14-year-olds. Such were the days, when young boys wielded swords and died on these dusts. Politicians, drunk in the revelry of power and greed, sent more and more elderly and the young to join the army…