Selfie Dysmorphia: Distorting Beauty

Selin Pesmes says she uses selfie filters because they smooth out her skin and present a “better-quality version” of herself. That’s likely the same thinking for the millions of other people who regularly post edited pictures of themselves on social media, which are often created using selfie-enhancing tech from apps like Instagram, Snapchat and FaceTune….


Just always be the better person. And make your intentions pure. What and who you are is what will be remembered. Pain is inevitable in our journey and it will always exist, but if you focus on understanding what you are and what you are feeling at the moment, and why you’re feeling it, you…

Easter Sunday Attacks: A day of deprivation or revelation?

Panegyrized for its glory and serenity, Mother Lanka stood erect making her children proud as ever, continuing to attract countless tourists every day. The SLTDA reports the approximate number of tourists by March in Sri Lanka to be 740,600 compared to last year where it had been 707,924. Something to be extremely boastful about, isn’t it? While this…