The Journey

Perhaps what we recognise is pain,  Perhaps it is exhaustion,  Fatigue from the burn of life.  Perhaps her eyes are telling you, ‘Remember me, do not forget this dusty space coloured in vibrant hues, this humble abode which has nurtured our existence. The doors of…

Poetry, Prose, Special

Fidget Spinner

The curtains danced as the fan swayed against it. The entire room was empty without a noise, except for its motor. His feet were cold. His eyelids shuttered with the seconds of the clock. The ashtray was filled and he lost count on how many…

Poetry, Special

Voice of an Expat. II

Adding these spices one by one I’m recalling the effort you put On the messy yet beautiful days You taught me basic cooking, Ma. He’s at work and I’ve kept rice to boil, I can’t tell you I feel lonely but I am Remembering those…


A Candle Lit Walk.

He jumped out from the car Greeted me with a smile Looked me in the eyes Then looked away… I waited him to say “I’m here coz I’m not fine” But it’s not that this time He brought me no words Just fake smiles and…



A hint of history time’s union wafting a lovely steam dance a lonely echo entrenches the heart thuds to the floor the dark past envelops memory’s curse – I am stranded at day one again.


The light abandoned

I feel the vibrations of a shifting reality from directions all around, calling out a warning as the foundation crumbles down . A vast chasm of darkness, held temporarily out of view, quickly now emerges, my fate lies ready to reveal. From the depths of…

Love, Poetry

Night sky.

The fire is dead, The ember is gone,   Lying down,   Staring at the night sky,  Looking into the stars, I close my eyes.   With your hand, Inside mine. Our hearts entangled,      Together with unfathomable, And Forever love.


A Stitch

A needle and thimble My fingers do tremble For I took them out After much preamble Will I remember a stitch I learnt a decade and a half ago? Threads of silk Veins of cotton Skeins of varying colors  To begin this journey  I need…

Poetry, Prose


I don’t want a relationship, I want a happy life; I don’t want to be a girlfriend ‘cause I want to be your loving wife. I don’t want depression, neither any sort of expensive thing; Just your truest affection and a cute little wedding ring….