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Missing is a feeling that connotes So many things; Anxiety tinged emotions bound Quite tightly by life’s strings Or maybe just a tiny miss, when Someone’s gone to store Knowing that they’ll be right back, A quick and easy chore. There’s missing friends and family,…

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I stand by a wicked smile. Holding grudges over desert lines. Gods being menaced by moths and flies. Veils fail to save when the evil dies. The golden snowy showers from above. Sins can wait – This moment is euphonious. The bitter wrath of eerie…

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Her Favorite Color

What was her favorite color? Was it the brown in your eyes? Or Was it the pink in your smile? Was it the black that you so often wore? Or The red that you adored? Was it the blue that reflected through your eyes, While…

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If you’re too green For a place, Everyone can feel it. As sure as self is Close to the entrance A walled chasm Of separation Invades. Streets collide At a juncture Meet at your feet, Head over heels This raggedy doll Hurtled Catapulted in time….