Love, Poetry

Finders Keepers.

Within life’s chaos and busy daily routine I found youTrying to teach me some of the best lessons of life; Within the first, weird and funny ice-breaker conversation I found youOpening up a little by little, even in disagreements you weren’t really that strife; Within…

Love, Prose


‘Do you know that Rumi is married to our cousin?’, she asked as I pronounced his name. I nodded. Looking dolorously at me, she squeezed my stained palm with her own and sighed. I understood that she wanted to hear everything. After-all, I knew that…

Love, Travel

I am no Wanderer

I still wonder how to wander but often the useless burden turn my journey into futile whispers of mere dreams and never happen. A wanderer has no attachment perseveres as a speck of dust to the vow she made in the heaven she knows to…

Love, Poetry


I have no words to proper describe my feelings right now, Thinking about those days when you used to crack jokes and how we used to guffaw.  Those days when you used to drop me in my class and tell me to study well and…



If I were you I’d tell you why you didn’t deserve someone else,  ’cause that boy really loved you and was nothing but a bless.  If I were you I’d defend your name when you weren’t present with me and few other,  Making sure I…

Love, Poetry

Night sky.

The fire is dead, The ember is gone,   Lying down,   Staring at the night sky,  Looking into the stars, I close my eyes.   With your hand, Inside mine. Our hearts entangled,      Together with unfathomable, And Forever love.

Love, Poetry

I Bequeath

Stars shine the brightest, Now all have lost their glow! Honey tastes the sweetest, Now even a drop gives me a bitter blow! Once I preferred the company of extravagant beauties, All I now see is a heavy dosage of vanity! Glamour, Splendor, Lavishness, All…