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Daniel Romo

Love Song #777

for Maria Your favourite colour is purple and mine is blue and how’s this for romanticism but combined they resemble the shade of a pretty

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Humaith Cassim

Lost in the Light

The windows never concealed the openness unless it was tinted, The thoughts never disappeared until it was painted. Painted with the love that was once

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Shaheera Shaheed

Real me

Nobody knows it’s empty, The smile that I wear. The real one is gone by the time that no longer exists. Because I left you

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Awosusi Oluwabukunmi Abraham

A Letter to her

He decided to write her…. Dear Sweets, I never thought the time we shared could be so little, yet your image is still vivid in

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Hamam AZ

The line

I went to the waters, Salty myself, Saw a line, Between the seas and heavens, And thought to myself- Maybe, maybe That is where we

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Arzoo Afreen Jaini


I met you at the museum. Funny really, because to me you belong here. Up there with the masterpieces. Among the statues which look beautiful

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Victor Towoju / Noz Folarin

Commander of My Heart

I’ve crossed mountains of lifetimes to find you. I’ve climbed thousand walls Just to be by your side And answer as your lover. Sadly, I’m

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Victor Towoju

I Hate You

I hate you so much that I don’t hate you, Sometimes I try to define your beauty. I watch as the wind hits your nose,

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Humaith Cassim

A Lover’s Curse

Abid swerved into the driveway, putting the car into park. Now for any other day, his brother Jaber would have taken it easy knowing that

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Fathima Zahra Yoonus

A fairytale.

“…your soul was so soft before she came into your life before she ripped your heart into pieces before you fell for her heart and

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